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According to the provisions of the Statutes of the Argentine Corporation of Aberdeen-AnGus, founded on September 18, 1920 and which since 1995 was renamed the Argentine AnGus Association, its purpose is to "encourage the production of Aberdeen-AnGus animals and attend to the defense of the producers of the breed and of the interests of the Argentine cattle raising ".
On September 18, 1920, a group of entrepreneurs and advanced breeders of AnGus founded the then Argentine Corporation of Aberdeen-AnGus, to help improve the business of their breeders, defend their interests and promote the virtues of the breed, expanding the borders of its diffusion throughout our country.

Among its many services, today the Argentine AnGus Association conducts, since 1961, the registry of Controlled Pure, for the registration of high purity animals of AnGus blood, which are accepted after inspection and identified with the "a" mark, which guarantees that meet the standards of excellence of the breed.

Puro Controlled animals, like those registered in the Herd Book of the AnGus breed, opened by the Argentine Rural Society in 1907, find a valuable marketing alternative through the auctions of cabins sponsored by the Association and organized exhibitions, sponsored or sponsored by our entity, some of which are part of the AnGus National Exhibition Circuit, with points for the traditional "Banderín" award, which the Association awards to the best performing establishments with their Pedigree players.

The contest that attracts the most attraction among breeders is the centennial Palermo Exhibition, in which the main cabins of the breed show their best exponents, in a competition of international importance in which, for quality and quantity, the supremacy of the AnGus in the national livestock.

The Association also conducts and sponsors auctions of wintering and breeding AnGus farms, to contribute to the promotion of the virtues of La Raza Líder, and special auctions of AnGus fat hacienda in the Liniers Market, whose quality is rewarded with the highest prices of this square.

As in the most advanced livestock countries, the Association conducts an AnGus breeding genetic evaluation program, called ERA (AnGus Reproduction Evaluation), by agreement with the Animal Genetics Unit of INTA Castelar, to know their productive aptitude and of their offspring through data from DEP (Expected Difference between Progenies).

Since the beginning of the ERA, in 1989, which has a database of more than 180,000 animals, the cabins measure the behavior of their animals, obtaining the corresponding DEP for gestation length, birth weight, weaning weight, milk, weight at 18 months, scrotal circumference and height.

In response to the interest of the markets in assessing the quality of meat, the Association also obtains the corresponding DEP for beef eye area, dorsal fat thickness, hip fat thickness, marbling or intramuscular fat level and percentage of retail cuts, associated with the yield and edible quality of the final product, in order to optimize the selection of AnGus in these characteristics of such commercial importance.

Annually, the AnGus Parent Summary shows the expected performance of the progeny of the main bulls used in the breed, and the genetic tendency for those traits over time. In turn, each cabin has a diagnosis of its campus and its offspring, a powerful selective tool for improving its productivity and AnGus in general.

Allrestaurants - ANGUS - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Allrestaurants - ANGUS - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Allrestaurants - ANGUS - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Allrestaurants - ANGUS - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Allrestaurants - ANGUS - Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA